Building a Map Tool

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Building a Map Tool

Postby jbrannellyjr » Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:56 pm

I am the ward mission leader in a Utah ward, which means smaller geographical area.

To support the ward mission effort, I maintain a database and corresponding map (not linked) of every household within our ward boundaries. If a household contains members of record, they are assigned home teachers and visiting teachers.

If a household contains Non-Members, they are signed a "point of contact" which is a nearby ward member that remains generally aware of that households status and needs.

For some time, I have envisioned a tool, a web based map, that would be populated with information about the households within the ward geographic boundaries. Using my LDS login credentials, the map would automatically be populated with member information. The nonmember information would be entered manually by ward missionaries and members of the ward council. In this way, the ward mission leader or the bishop (or any member of the ward council) can edit as well as view, real time information about the households within The ward boundaries.

I am very interested in developing this tool. If anyone guide me to talent resources that could give me guidance and assistance? I am willing to hire if necessary to get it done.


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