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Quotes on tech/online use

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:44 pm
by jerrobertson
I would like to put together a list of quotes by general authorities (and/or notable speakers) on the appropriate use of technology.

Some examples of things I am looking for:
- Elder Bednar speaking to the youth about using their tech skills for genealogy purposes ("your fingers have been trained to tweet and text")
- Elder Ballard urging members to join the online conversation appropriately in explaining our beliefs (I may be remembering this wrong)
- warnings about improper use (esp. porn)

Can anyone provide me with quotes/talks along these lines? If at all possible, please include references and/or links...


Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:06 pm
by rootbeericecream
In addition to the references you've listed, here is another excellent talk

Digital Detachment and Personal Revelation, BY Elder Scott D. Whiting
From a devotional address given at Brigham Young University–Hawaii on February 5, 2008. ... n?lang=eng

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:31 am
by marianomarini
I think you can go to and search "technology" (or something like that). You will get all links to the Church resources (talks, articles, eccetera) pertaining to that topic.

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:58 am
by jerrobertson
I found a page on the wiki: ... technology. It only had quotes from the Oct 2011 conference, but I'm adding the ones I'm finding.

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:23 am
by marianomarini
If you go to and use the edit box for searching, you will get link from all internet church resources.
Just try some different words.

Re: Quotes on tech/online use

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2021 8:23 am
by jesusmora
I recently read an article where it explained that trained technology specialists and technicians who are members of the church had the right to inspect equipment that was damaged or in poor condition.
I do not get this letter or document, can you help me with that?

Re: Quotes on tech/online use

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2021 10:00 am
by lajackson
I am not sure exactly to what you refer, but our Facilities Management Group often asks me, the STS, to look into problems that are reported by the wards and stake related to technical things. They ask me to verify the problem and to recommend whether to repair or replace anything that might not be working. There may be something in their handbook/instructions that suggests they do this.

Re: Quotes on tech/online use

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2021 1:11 pm
by russellhltn
jesusmora wrote:I recently read an article
Can you link to this article so we can better understand what you've read?

Technology specialists may be called upon to lead technical issues with church equipment.