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For some reason, our stake quarterly report for 2012 second quarter is complete when viewing via (leader resources section), but not complete in MLS. I've done two send/receives in my stake MLS system, and still there is one unit showing zeros. However, that same unit is showing complete for the quarterly report via I've ensured that I am viewing 2012 Quarter #2 in both instances. This has been the case for a couple of days now, so the problem is more than simple lag in the system. Why would the unit's report show in, but not MLS??
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Post by aebrown »

Clearly the report was generated and transmitted properly by that one ward. But it appears that for some reason the transmittal of that ward's report to CHQ did not trigger the sending of that data to stake MLS.

You could contact Local Unit Support, but a simpler solution you can try today is to have the ward trigger another sending of the report. That should have a good chance of causing the data to be sent to stake MLS. To do that, the ward just needs to change some value on the report, close and save the report, then change that value back to the correct value, close and save, then do a Send/Receive. Then sometime after that (I'm not sure how quick, but let some time elapse), the stake can do a Send/Receive and hopefully the data will arrive from that ward.
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Post by colbyj »

ok, thanks. We'll try what you suggested.
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I have the exact same situation, even the same quarter 2 of 2012. I have asked my local unit with zeroes to try the process mentioned.

Colbyj, did it work for you?
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