STS access to MLS Necessary?

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STS access to MLS Necessary?


Post by rolandc »

Is it necessary for an STS to have access to MLS? Having never been a clerk I don't really know all the tips and tricks for using it. I have also seen what looks to be a conflict in role definitions one place states we should have all access to computers and passwords another says we don't.

Personally I don't see the need for it. Just a curiosity question.

Maybe a Stake account on all clerk PC's? Recovery purposes?
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Post by russellhltn »

It's generally recommended that the stake have a login in MLS. But I don't know of anything that says the STS needs to have access to that.

I see this as a local decision. It depends on if the STS should be supporting MLS (beyond installing it), and if the STS can be trusted to "not access confidential membership and financial records, except as requested by a bishop or the stake president." It would also depend on the difficulty in arranging someone to be there to assist the STS when the need arises.

In my stake, I do support MLS. Such as troubleshooting send/receive problems which could be a hardware problems or a MLS configuration problem.
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