Book of Mormon ap idea

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Book of Mormon ap idea

Postby wrigjef » Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:15 pm

Some great things are possible with this.

I also heard about a free ap called "chirp"

Kind of like an audio QR code. Imagine a conference or other broadcast and near the start a commercial runs asking people to download the free chirp ap. Several minutes later, a commercial announcement runs asking people to open the ap and hold their device near the TV, then a chirp is sent allowing every listening chirp to be directed to enable them to download this free Book of Mormon.

I recently attended regional dance festival activity. There were many non-members and VIP's there. The event was open with prayer and some announcements. It was also closed with a thank-you announcement. Imagine if at the opening of this event, the announcer suggested people with the ability down load them free chirp ap at some point during the 90 minute outdoor performance. At the end of the event the announcer offers a free book of mormon to anyone who wants it and has the ap opened, he then sends a chirp through the sound system.

This could be great for missionary work and get the Book of Mormon into a lot of hands.

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