Calendars working properly in the latest build

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Calendars working properly in the latest build


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I was having trouble with some views of calendars and a crash when rotating. This morning I installed that latest build and all the problems I was having seem to have been fixed.
  • The long name of my stake was not wrapping but now it wraps in the view so I can see and get to the check box.
  • When I rotated the phone to get a better view of the long name of my stake the app crashed 3 out of 3 attempts. That seems to have been fixed so I haven't experienced any crashes.
  • Earlier when viewing calendars when I check and unchecked items and scrolled down then back to the top some of the items that I checked were not and some that were not check were checked. Now that feature seems to be stable.
Nice fixes. Now if only my ward would get on the ball and keep the ward calendar updated because I can only church wide and stake calendar items.
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