View the whole ward on the same map in LDS Tools

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View the whole ward on the same map in LDS Tools

Postby derekclawson » Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:36 pm

Hi! I'm a missionary in the Virginia Richmond Mission.

Is there any possable way to add the feature (in LDS Tools) of viewing every person in the roster on the same map?

I know you can do this on the maps, but not on the app.
I have found that i can take the .CSV file downloaded from maps and convert it to a gps and then i can view everyone, but it would be nice for it to be in the app so everyone can have it and have it be constantly updated.


By the way, As a missionary i can't have cool devices, (such as apple/android) but we can have a gps. This technology is such a great tool!

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