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Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 9:35 am
by Thomas_Lerman
While fixing links in for another thread, I found a broken link to an uploaded PDF. I tried to see how others were including PDFs and found many are broken. I have it working on this page, but am not sure I like how it is done (an extra click to get there).

I found a total of 30 uploaded PDFs. In this case, I see that it is a Resource Outline. I presume this is not the way it is going to be done long term. If this is going to remain like this, has anybody seen a better way to do this?

Of the following, the first link is the "standard" way, but then you would have to click again to get to the second. Is the second guaranteed to always be persistent? ... _Guide.pdf ... _Guide.pdf

According to WikiMedia, it looks like PDF, BMP, and who knows what else has been enabled for uploading. Is that a good idea?


Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 8:26 am
by Darris Williams-p40
I expect that nearly all PDF files in the wiki were migrated in December from the Plone system to the current system. The files worked just a little differently in Plone.

Some documents for Ireland Census Street Indexes for 1901 and 1911 were introduced in an article about the street indexes and then a person could click on the link for the index related to a city such as Dublin and the PDF opened allowing them to do a keyword search for the street.

The most common documents included in PDF form were the Beginners Guides. This was nice because a person could view the full color publication. Ideally the content will be incorporated in the text of the wiki. The Beginner's Guide for Japan was never published so the content prepared for it was included in the wiki during the Plone days. I have not looked to see how it migrated to this version of the wiki.

I wonder if we could get a volunteer to track the PDF files down and verify that we deal with them appropriately.

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 8:59 am
by Thomas_Lerman
In my opinion, if we keep PDFs on the site, we will want to make sure that the user has an easy way to get to them and that the PDF is kept up to date.

As for your request . . . that is already done, the following list shows them all: ... AImagelist

Or here is the same list, but sorted:
  1. 31029_DanishWL.pdf
  2. 36367 African American Records.pdf
  3. 36577_Denmark_Finding_Ancestors_color.pdf
  4. 36578_norway_finding_ancestor_color.pdf
  5. 36579_Sweden_Finding_Ancestors_color.pdf
  6. 36580_italy_finding_ancestor_color.pdf
  7. 36581_FindRecAncestorMex36581_color.pdf
  8. 36584_france_finding_ancestor_color.pdf
  9. 36693_iceland_finding_ancestor_color.pdf
  10. Chile_Research_Ouline.pdf
  11. El_Salvador_Civil_Registrations.pdf
  12. Family_History_Materials_List.pdf
  13. Funeral_Home_Record.pdf
  14. German_Gothic_Handwriting_Guide.pdf
  15. Howland_Chart.pdf
  16. Lesson_1_How_to_Find_Descendants_in_the_United_States.pdf
  17. Lesson_2_How_To_Conduct_Family_History_Interviews.pdf
  18. Lesson_3_How_To_Involve_Children_In_Family_History.pdf
  19. Lesson_4_How_to_Write_a_Personal_History.pdf
  20. Lesson_5_How_to_Create_a_Family_History.pdf
  21. Lesson_6_How_to_Involve_the_Extended_Family_in_Family_History.pdf
  22. Lesson_7_How_to_Use_the_Internet_for_Family_History_Research.pdf
  23. Map_of_Antrim_by_Samuel_Lewis.pdf
  24. NARA_Conversion.pdf
  25. Organizing_Your_Compouter_Files_Class_HANDOUT.pdf
  26. Purpose_of_FamilySearch_Wiki_-_Supporting_Family_History_Researchers_through_Online_Communities.pdf
  27. RECA_Form.pdf
  28. Sources_Used_by_Genealogists.pdf
  29. Swedish_Parishes.pdf
  30. World_Wide_Toll_Free_Phone_Numbers.pdf

wiki PDF list

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:37 am
by Darris Williams-p40
Thanks for this list. It looks to me like some files did not survive the migration so this will be an excellent tool.

As I look at this list it seems to me that many will not require any future updates. The issue of updates for items like the Chile Research Outline is a different issue. Maybe we could think about a place on the country portal pages where some pdf files might be made available. This would make it easy to find all research outlines, beginner guides and map files for downloading and updating.

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:16 am
by JamesAnderson
One way to do this is to do an external link to the PDF on the old FamilySearch for now, then that will buy us time to sort through the PDF issues.

Also, I understand that many of those outlines haven't been updated in years. Look at copyright dates, that will be the clue. Do we want to even keep the outdated material out there save for possibly archiving it?