Meeting House Internet

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Meeting House Internet


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I know the church has already deployed a few Internet routers in various meeting houses. But I have a suggestion. I am a ward clerk who uses MLS on Sundays and it takes forever through our current dial-up method to transmit data to Salt Lake. I have a suggestion that will not only save the church money, but provide a greater convenience to clerks and other select members. I found out that our meeting House has at least seven phone lines coming into it if not more. Well these phone lines cost a monthly service fee that is probably a minimum of $20 - $40 per line plus any calls that are not local i.e. to Salt Lake. The answer I feel it is Voip if the church worked with Cisco Systems to develop a Voip box and Hidden SSA router combo. The wards could potentially make free phone calls to anywhere in the US and have high-speed Internet to transmit MLS data as well as having a hidden wireless Internet access point with a church approved firewall, for select members of course. The cost of running this would be one high-speed Internet lines $50 if you compare that to the $20 for our current phone lines this would be a minimum monthly savings of $90, $1080 per year and most likely it's more! These units would pay for themselves in the first year alone. For meeting houses with a family history library attached, they can utilize the same high-speed Internet line for a family history data and have an even greater savings. If the church worked to produce these boxes it would be potentially plug-and-play for every meeting house no costly setup needed. The church could even remotely control, the Internet Firewall Updates, MLS Backups/system erases, faxes, air-conditioning units, fire alarms, ect all for free. I think it even has greater potential for other church organizations as well. The internet can be used for a great asset for good. I think the church should take advantage of this great opportunity and potential savings.
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1) Stakes are authorized to connect their MLS computers to existing broadband connections in church buildings.

2) Currently the church is rolling out allowing the stake to install broadband in Church buildings. Currently just Southwest and Utah areas have permission to do so.

VOIP phones have a nasty habit of dying in wide-spread power failures, such as disasters. For that reason I would expect the church will probably continue to use traditional phone lines for at least some of it's connections in each building.

Also you might want to check how old your Symantec Anti-virus definitions are. They are supposed to be updated at least quarterly. There might be situations where Symantec is trying to use the dial-up to update itself. It really shouldn't take "forever" to do the send/receive even on dial-up.
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RussellHltn wrote:It really shouldn't take "forever" to do the send/receive even on dial-up.
Our average send and receive is ten minutes on dial-up. We've tried combinations of s&r to see if we could streamline the process. For example, s&r before Sunday meetings so the tithing s&r goes faster. Nope. We tried s&r of tithing before processing checks to see if the check s&r goes faster. Nope.

10 minutes is not the end of the world but for the very small amount of data we're sending or receiving, it seems far too long.:confused:
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I've seen our S & R time drop to under 3 minutes since I began uploading AV updates at least monthly, which I download to a 2 Gig flash drive at home. I have basic FIOS at home and AV download is under a minute. Actually there's a FIOS box installed on a telephone poll just outside our Clerks' Office window. Hummmm.

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