Requesting individual records in 2.8.1

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Requesting individual records in 2.8.1

Postby geek » Sat Apr 19, 2008 8:24 am

I've had this happen to me twice this week; unfortunately, it didn't dawn on me until after the second time that maybe there's an issue, so I don't have a paper trail to prove it.

Problem is this:

1. I needed to request individual records (as opposed to a household record) for members belonging to families in our ward.

2. I requested both individuals.

3. I did a send/receive.

4. Looking at the transmission report, ONLY the second one was listed (and subsequently came in).

Is there some oddity in 2.8.1 where requesting more than 1 individual into a family only allows the last one requested to actually go through?

I've repeated this problem twice this week. This didn't seem to happen in the past.

I may have another case where I can test in this in a few weeks.
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