Temple Square Screen Saver for Windows

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Temple Square Screen Saver for Windows

Postby cannona-p40 » Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:16 am

I recently received an email message from a Church employee and thought I'd share. Note that even though this is from a Church employee, it is not an official Church project:

Yes,*finally!* Spring is here!**And so it is time to update my Temple Square screen saver to include spring images.*

This year I'm distributing*both a*Screen Saver as well as individual images.** While the screen saver is specific to*Windows,**the individual images can be used as Desktop Backgrounds by any system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc).* The *

To download the screen saver, do the following:

1) Go to my web site:*

2) At the top left corner, click on the link that says "Click here to download a free high resolution screen saver"*

3) When you do that, you will be taken to a new screen.* Click on the icon in the center of the screen (looks like a piece of paper with a question mark
on it).* This will download the screen saver.* I recommend downloading it*to your desktop to make it easy to find when done.*

4) When the download finishes, find the screen saver on your desktop.* Right click on it and select Install to install the screen saver.* Or click Test to manually run it.* (note: do not delete the file from your desktop or the screen saver will cease to function)*

Now, I need to warn you.* This file is huge!* It is going to take a long time to download!** Why so big?

1) There are 220 images in the screen saver!

2) They are high quality 1600x1200 resolution images.* *

Note that, at 4 seconds per image, it can take up to 15 minutes of continuous running of the screen saver before*it repeats!!!* The plan is to let you see something different nearly every time the screen saver runs!*

PRETTY UP YOUR DESKTOP - Use a Temple Square image as your background!*

To request individual images:

If you see an image on my web site, or one in the screen saver, that you'd like to use as your desktop background, just send an email to david@dterryphotography.com
and I'll send you*a desktop-sized copy of that image.* I'd like to limit this to just a couple of images per person per month.* But I'd encourage you to
pretty up your desktop by using beautiful images from Temple Square.* And yes, both the screen saver and these desktop sized images are free.* No strings attached.* (other than to limit to how many I'll give you at once)*

Please pass this message along to co-workers, friends and family, whether here in Utah or far away.* I'd love to share the pictures with anyone who has an interest in viewing beautiful Temple Square images.*

Thank you!

David Terry*


On the screen saver, the file name is at the bottom.* Also, while the screen saver is running,*the left and right arrow keys let you go back and forth in the images.*


If you like the screen saver, I wouldn't mind hearing from you.* Email comments to:

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