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LDSAccess vs. LDS Restricted/Extended Access


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RussellHltn wrote:OK, I was confused by the "LDSAccess" name.
Unfortunately, the terms "LDS" and "Access" appear in two somewhat related, but quite different contexts.

The term "LDSAccess" (no space or anything else between "LDS" and "Access") describes a wireless profile that the Global Service Desk can push to Wireless Access Points that are part of Church-managed CCN networks (typically in buildings with authorized Family History Centers). This profile uses WPA security, and the SSID is "LDSAccess". This profile is used only for existing CCNs, and has nothing to do with the new Meetinghouse Internet program whereby stakes in selected areas can obtain new broadband Internet connections for buildings that previously did not have any.

The Introduction to Meetinghouse Internet page on describes the options for filtering that are allowed for the Meetinghouse Internet program. The filtering occurs at the Church-managed firewall, and affects all connections (wired or wireless) to the broadband connection. It can cause some confusion, but these filtering options are called "LDS Restricted Access" and "LDS Extended Access" (and have nothing to do with the aforementioned "LDSAccess" wireless profile).
Stake presidents can choose between the following two filtering options:
  • LDS Restricted Access—Allows access only to Church-sponsored Web sites (for example,, and Web-mail sites.
  • LDS Extended Access—Blocks known inappropriate material (for example, pornography, weapons information, hate sites, and other known offensive content) but could be more susceptible to misuse.
Hopefully that clears up any confusion among these terms.
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