Export doesn't contain all calendars

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Export doesn't contain all calendars


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I think I just found another problem . . . If I export to an iCal file, I assume I will only get events from calendars that I have access to see. I can see stake calendars and calendars for my own ward, but even though I am a stake administrator, I can't see calendars for other wards in the stake. So apparently the only way I can find all uses of a particular room would be to go to the "reservations" page and manually review every event. Is that correct?
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When you export to an iCal file, the export will include exactly the calendars you are subscribed to. Since you can't subscribe to calendars in other wards, those calendars will not be included. And there is no way to export from the Reservations page. So if you want to find all uses of a particular room, you're right that you would have to go to the Reservations page (or to the main calendar view in Week view with the location selected and all calendars hidden) and review each event to see what rooms are used.
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