Missionary Online Recommendation: Bishop Submission Problems

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Missionary Online Recommendation: Bishop Submission Problems


Post by dudraper »

Our Bishop is having problems beginning the mission paper submission process for a sister in our ward. The bishop is noticing the problem begin as he tries to submit the sister's record number. The only difference we're noticing between this submission and other submissions, is that fact that this specific sister has a alpha-numeric character at the end of her record number.

Would this alpha-numeric character be the cause for the issue? And if so, what would a work-around be for the issue?
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Post by aebrown »

Approximately 1 out of 11 membership record numbers (MRNs) end with the letter A instead of a digit. But we've had multiple missionaries serve who have such MRNs, so I don't think it is a problem in general.

Since bishops start the application process, I haven't seen that particular part of the process. In most places the letter A is not case-sensitive, but perhaps you might try both a lowercase a and an uppercase A just in case it makes a difference.
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Post by lajackson »

The letter A is not the problem. It is a valid part some membership record numbers.

Many Church sites accept a lowercase "a" in the membership record number field. If this is not working at the Missionary site, ask the bishop to try using a capital letter "A".

That was a problem (and the solution) with the Temple Entry System site until they coded the membership number fields to accept either an upper- or lowercase letter. It may be that the Missionary site still needs the uppercase letter "A".

And if that doesn't work, call the Missionary Department.
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