Losing Our Website Missionary Addresses?

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Losing Our Website Missionary Addresses?

Postby jhigbee » Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:51 pm

Our Stake Presidency has charged me (as stake membership clerk) to ensure that we have an accurate current list of all the full-time missionaries serving from our ward (particularly important at this time of year, when they are getting ready to mail their Christmas letters to all of them). A couple of months ago I sent out an MLS message to all our bishops and ward clerks asking them to help verify that all their addresses are up-to-date on their classic ward website Missionaries field listings. Knowing that we will be losing the classic websites, I’ve been checking the new website to see how the missionary field formatting is coming along. I’ve been concerned that it still does not show a display of our missionary addresses. In talking with our stake technology specialist about this, he checked into this clerk-wiki site and reported back to me that he didn’t think there WOULD any longer be showing the missionary addresses. This is quite concerning to me that we would lose this feature as a result of the Church’s website conversion. I could see requiring our ward website administrators to re-enter all these addresses instead of have them [font="]conveniently [/font]transfer over from the classic sites; but to lose this feature all together is very inconvenient and problematic for stake presidencies, as well as possibly others.

Someone please tell me that the website developers are still working diligently on putting this feature on our new websites, as it is on the classic sites.

P.S. I found the “Why use Classic.LDS.org” message by “Failproof” where he expresses this concern back in Sept; but the discussion thread on this topic was very short-lived. I hope something has come of it since then.

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Postby jdlessley » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:30 pm

I do not recall how the address for a missionary is formatted. But I assume all mail goes to the mission with the missionaries name on it. If all that is needed is the mission address then that information is available, but not in one location.

The way I found one of our missionary's address was to go to the Missionary section of the Local Unit Directory. The missionaries serving from the ward are listed there. Clicking on a missionary's name shows the name of his mission along with a map of the mission boundaries. Clicking on the "View in LDS Maps" link brings up the mission boundaries on LDS Maps. Because the mission information is not displayed in that view I copied and pasted the mission name into the Maps search location text box and appended "Mission" to the name to search the name. The mission information was then displayed, including the address.
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Postby russellhltn » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:37 pm

You may want to read Serving Missionary Addresses. In particular, the posts from the church employees.

At this time, the newsletter feature seems to be your best bet.
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Postby jhigbee » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:24 pm

Thanks for the input, and for the link Brother Russell to the Feb-March thread. It is though very disappointing to learn that it sounds like no accommodation will be given like the classic website has for our ward and stake missionary addresses to be provided on our new website. Of the 13 missionaries from our ward, only one whose mail has to go thru his mission office. All the others have individual mailing addresses where we want to send the stake presidency’s letters (as our ward members are free to do using the regularly updated missionary addresses that are printed in our weekly ward bulletins). It sounds like with security concerns by HQ, our rank & file stake members will no longer be able to see the addresses of other missionaries in our stake, and I will have to develop my own spreadsheet to record the addresses of the missionaries from the other wards of our stake for our stake presidency. Sorry- but a search of mission office addresses for the other wards sounds laborious and not nearly as efficient as getting their most direct mailing addresses (i.e. the ones they give to their own families as we’ve been showing on our classic website).

Maybe with this security concern, I should tell all the wards in our stake they need to ask all members to submit their sacrament meeting bulletins after the meeting to be shredded, so that no members of any other ward in our building can possibly see the addresses of our missionaries.

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