Duplicate Head-of-Households Listings for Custom List

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Duplicate Head-of-Households Listings for Custom List


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Our Stake Presidency has also charged me (as Stake membership clerk) to develop a custom list of all households having no Melchizedek priesthood holder in the stake. Developing this list was quite straight-forward- pick the HoH criteria, and then for Priesthood filed, I picked NOT Mel Phd. Then I set the format info to display, including the name of the spouse (if any), and I set ward name as the sorting criteria. At first glance, the generated list looked appropriate based on my specific ward- all households headed by single sisters were shown, and those headed by pros elders and nonmember husbands. But after further inspection, I noticed that for 4 of the 5 part-member families in our ward where the husband is not a member, it showed them in duplicate- once at random locations within our ward’s listing of about 40 such households with the member-wife shown as the HoH, and again at the end of the list with the four NM husbands shown as HoH (why the fifth such part-member couple where the wife was also the member was not shown in duplicate is also curious). One would think that the NM husband should be the ONLY spouse shown as a HoH.

Any thoughts on this apparent glitch in showing wives as heads of household?
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You might want to look at the individual records and make sure you only have one for the NM husband. Then switch to "Household View" and verify that there is only one listing for the couple and that they're not both HOH in their own households.
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