All Callings Missing since Upgrade

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All Callings Missing since Upgrade


Post by grousie26 »


Since the MLS Upgrade, we have not any callings in our Stake MLS. Even the Stake presidency are all cleared out, the only callings left are the ones that have been changed since the upgrade.

Can you please let me know if this is normal or we need to fix it?


Nick Rouse (Stake 503371)
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Post by jonesrk »

The are still there in CDOL. Try doing a refresh request.
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Post by mfmohlma »

It's certainly not normal, but I can see your stake presidency still listed in CDOL ( You may want to check there to see what callings are listed.

Most likely you will have to follow the instructions on the wiki: Correcting duplicate or missing callings.
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Post by chris_hazeldine »

I have logged a problem with one of our units with the local MSR team in Sydney, where one unit no longer has any of the Presidency/Group Leadership callings in Elders Quorum and High Priest Group. When you click add new calling there are no callings to chose from and so you can't correct MLS locally.

A unit refresh gives you no change and still blank callings, whereas CDOL shows the callings correctly still.

Apparently SL are working on the issue that is affecting some/many units around the world and will be sending some sort of refresh/update at some point to correct the matter. Until then no changes can be made to Elders Quorum or HPG leadership.

Another note is that changes that were made a couple of days ago on the Ward MLS are yet to arrive in CDOL, not sure what is not running at the moment but I added a number of Full time Missionaries to a couple of units - and a new Exec Sec to Greenmount Ward yesterday and still not update in CDOL.

Hope someone can fix this up soon.

Chris Hazeldine
Stake Executive Secretary - Dianella Stake
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