Church Forms Flow Chart

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Church Forms Flow Chart


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I am a newer clerk, and I have had a lot of trouble locating forms, tracking which ones can be pre-filled out, the chain of signatures, and who I should follow up with. I have asked my local leaders and fellow clerks, which has helped on some occasions but not on others. Some clerks told me there are certain forms they have only found in hard copy. These copies have been copied/scanned so many times that some are hard to read, or not centered. Therefore, they don't look as official as perhaps they should. Are all of the forms found in a digital format? Is there any flow chart for each form with this information? It would seem to me that a wiki or app would serve to clear up a lot of the confusion, especially since much of the correspondence is now online. If these tools already exists, would someone please post a link or image?

Many Thanks.
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With some exceptions I have found most of the forma needed are in MLS. So thats always a good place to start.
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mrbrianhaven wrote:Are all of the forms found in a digital format?

For the few forms that are not in MLS, your stake clerk should be able to help you. And you are always welcome to post specific questions here -- someone on the forum is almost certain to know the answer to where a particular form can be found.
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Keep in mind that some forms are a local creation, and not a standard church form. For example, a move-in form used by the ward to gather information about a new move-in.

Another is an expense request or reimbursement form. Given the requirement that all expenses be approved by the bishop, this form is a near certainty, but it is not a church-wide standard.

But you can find some member-created samples in the the Wiki.
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