YSA Stake Leaders accessing Lesson Schedules

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YSA Stake Leaders accessing Lesson Schedules


Post by JohnSutherland »

85 out-of-unit members serve in leadership positions in our YSA Stake. As the stake clerk, when I access lesson schedules, I can only see my home ward. I cannot see any of the wards in my YSA stake. I read the known limitations and did not see this listed as a limitation. Is there a way for the 85 out-of-unit leaders to view and edit lesson schedules for our twelve YSA wards?
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Post by russellhltn »

The lesson schedules need to be edited by the wards. There is no provision for the stake in the current version.

Stake leaders do have access to their home ward for training/demo purposes.
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Re: YSA Stake Leaders accessing Lesson Schedules


Post by Allan_F »

But what about out of unit members being able to access the Lesson Schedules in the ward or stake in which they are serving? They automatically default to their home ward. Is there any way someone serving in a YSA stake can see the schedule for the YSA ward?
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Re: YSA Stake Leaders accessing Lesson Schedules


Post by drjlee »

This is the same issue/concern I have. As a YSA stake, most of our leaders (Stake and Ward) are from outside the YSA stake. It would be very useful to allow these leaders to have access to the Ward/Stake schedules within the YSA stake they serve, rather than only their home ward.

In addition, in our stake the Priesthood/Relief Society and the Sunday School lessons schedule is set at stake level and all of the wards follow the same schedule. To have to create the same schedule eight times, one for each of the wards, does not make much sense. It would be nice if there were an alternative approach for setting up the lesson schedules.
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Post by jdlessley »

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Re: YSA Stake Leaders accessing Lesson Schedules


Post by tomjoht »

I updated my response here. Out-of-unit ward leaders do have access to the Lesson Schedules for the wards in which they serve, but out-of-unit stake leaders do not, because stake leaders don't normally have access to lesson schedules in other wards anyway.

I added a bug about this issue to the project tracking system. LUAL-442 for reference. I also added this to the Known Limitations page in the Lesson Schedules help.

Here are more specifics from the engineering team:

OOU Ward leaders should currently have access to their OOU ward. If that's not working we would need to get some specifics to troubleshoot, as it seems to be working fine in our internal testing (what most people see as a ward label at the top of the page shows up as a drop down to select your home ward, or OOU ward for any OOU leaders).

OOU Stake leaders is another matter though. If they are only assigned to an OOU stake and not a ward, there's not anything for us to show them. We don't currently have any provision for a stake leader to see any other units within their stake, they only see their home ward. That was a conscious design decision from that outset, mostly to keep the scope (and cost and time to develop) to a minimum. So in order for OOU stake leaders to have any visibility into their wards, we would first need to come up with a design that supports stake leaders having that visibility, and define business rules for what access they would have, etc.

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