Prospective Elders assigned to HP or Elders

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Prospective Elders assigned to HP or Elders


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I'm trying to sort out how MLS determines where to place prospective elders. In reviewing our High Priests and Elders lists, I can't see a clear differentiation. I see multiple 19-year-old priests who are assigned to the High Priests and a couple of 20-year-old priests that show up in the Elders list. As a clerk, I didn't do anything specific to make those assignments to the group/quorum. That's just where they appear.

It doesn't seem to be strictly age-related, as there are several "younger" prospective elders listed in the HP group and several "older" PE's listed in the Elders quorum.

I suspect I can manually change the individual quorum/group assignment, but I thought I'd try to get clarification first. I couldn't find anything in the MLS doc, Wiki or forum search, so I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this.

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As far as a definition, handbook 2, pp 44-45, says "A prospective elder is a male Church member age 19 or older who does not hold the Melchizedek Priesthood. Married brethren who are younger than 19 and do not hold the Melchizedek Priesthood are also prospective elders."

As far as responsibility, it says "The bishop counsels with quorum and group leaders and each prospective elder to determine whether the prospective elder should meet with the elders quorum or the high priests group for instruction and activities."

My experience is that new membership records are given to the HP automatically. I have to go in MLS and manually assign them to EQ if that's who they should meet with. Until recently, changing the quorum in MLS would not be reflected on but if you're using MLS 3.5 (should be everyone, at least in the US), the two should be in sync now.
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