Still Trying to Download MLS Version 3.5

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Still Trying to Download MLS Version 3.5


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When I came here to the clerk's office this afternoon to log in and begin the procedures for the new MLS Version 3.5 that I thought would be downloaded simply by clicking on "Send/Receive," the first thing I was greeted with on the screen was a box asking if I wanted to grant permission for some software that I've never heard of to make changes to this computer. Not knowing what this was, I said no. It kept popping up over and over again, and I kept saying no over and over again. Then when I opened up MLS, I discovered that the old 3.4.3 is still there. I did a send and receive only to find out that nothing changed. That's when I realized that maybe I was supposed to allow that unknown software to make changes. I don't remember the name of it now. It was something "soft." Well, now I can't get it back and I still have the old version of MLS. HELP! Any suggestions??
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When MLS 3.5 is ready to download to your unit it will do so when you open up and do a "send/receive" in MLS not when you turn on the computer. This link will help you understand what you should see when updating to MLS 3.5.MLS Release Notifications
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