A Way to Draw Lines on the Scriptures

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A Way to Draw Lines on the Scriptures


Post by smedsribaka »

I have to say I LOVE the new scriptures available online and the ease with which I can find things. There are just so many things about them that is an improvement, especially looking up references to other scriptures and the creation of separate windows for each section you want to look at.

There is ONE thing that the old scriptures had, that for me, was the most powerful thing in my personal study and so far, the electronic scriptures do not quite match: drawing lines between words or phrases to highlight relationships. Also smaller similar things like drawing dots or highlighting, underlining, emphasizing specific words and phrases. I know that the electronic version does a lot of that, but it isn't quite like the paper scriptures.

Here are a few examples of the way I like to mark my scriptures. I do love not having to put Post-It Notes in them anymore because it ruined the backing. That has been the best thing ever with the new scriptures. But I miss drawing lines between important concepts. Here are a few pages from my scriptures that show what I am talking about. In each case, it is difficult to show the relationship of the concepts in any way other than graphical. There is something satisfying when seen in visual form how they work together.
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I know this is a pretty tall order from a programming point of view, but I was just hoping that there was a way to do this, or something similar to make things more visual in my studies.

Thank you again for all you have done! It is wonderful! I also love having them where ever I am since they are on my phone. That is a great blessing.
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Post by tomjoht »

Thanks for sharing your method for annotating the scriptures. It's great to see so much engagement and interaction with the scriptures. I doubt the scripture apps will incorporate line drawing features, but in looking at your images, it looks like you often draw lines because you don't have space to include all your notes. In this sense, the way the highlight, note, and tag features work in the online scriptures (Notes and Journal, or Gospel Library) can provide a real benefit, because you can then add as many notes and annotations as you want without running out of space.

I'm currently recording some video tutorials for the Gospel Library app and will post them on LDSTech soon.

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