Why use MS Office instead of LibreOffice?

Discussions around the setup, operation, replacement, and disposal of clerk computers, not to include using MLS
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ulupoi wrote:Sometimes, leaders have clerks spend hours creating new reports in order to save themselves a minute or two, at most, flipping through standard reports.
Both the leader and the clerk have a responsibility to communicate clearly. Often when my stake president asks me for something, he'll ask how hard it is. If I say I can get that in 2 minutes, he'll ask me to move forward, and if I say that will take me 5 hours plus an extra hour every month, he'll usually say that it's not worth it. Leaders don't always know just how long things will take, and so it's up to the clerk to give appropriate feedback so that the leader can evaluate the benefit versus the cost.

Addressing that point in the context of this larger discussion: yes, a clerk's time is valuable. If a particular tool can make him and his associates much more efficient, then it's entirely reasonable for a leader to choose to spend a few budget dollars to save time.
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aebrown wrote:.... then it's entirely reasonable for a leader to choose to spend a few budget dollars to save time.
Few budget dollars? I don't know how it cost in USA or how big is your budget fund.
We receive about 7 (seven) Euro a month for each active member (and the biggest unity is about 100 poeple).
Either I don't know how complicated could be your reports to require such a sofisticated training for a clerk.
I don't think that learning LibreOffice is more difficult than migrating from MS Office 97 and 2003 or, worst, 2010.
If you like I have two or three anecdotes about this last sentence in my daily work!
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Re: Why use MS Office instead of LibreOffice?


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Just to stir the pot a little, an MS Office 365 Small Business subscription for every congregation in the church would cost about US$4.5 Million per year. That's US$150 per unit per year.
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