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Local Unit Support vs Global Service Center

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:01 pm
by jswalberg
What is the difference between Local Unit Support and the Global Service Center?

I'm a Stake Technology Specialist with a unique computer hardware issue on a ward clerk's computer. The FM group told me to call the Global Service Center. I called, and the Global Service Center told me to call the FM group (funny, eh). The Global Service Center rep also told me that the GSC IT line is only for church employees' computers. The rep further told me that if the FM group does not know the next step in resolving this unique hardware issue, that the FM group should call Local Unit Support. He further said, "We get this all the time. People think the Global Service Center is the general help line. We are supposed to only help out with church employees' computers. Please tell your FM group this."

Can someone please help me distinguish between the Global Service Center and Local Unit Support?

Thank you.

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:31 pm
by aebrown
The Global Service Center is a consolidation of a variety of help operations. You can call 855-LDS-HELP to reach any of them. You will then hear an IVR (menu) that gives you choices for (among other things):
  • Distribution Services
  • Local Unit Support
  • Global Service Center IT Support
Each of these options then takes you to a separate IVR for the options in that area.

Although the term "Global Service Center" can properly be applied to any of these groups, they are separate support operations, because they have specialized knowledge and support services.

The Global Service Center IT Support team has a variety of support functions, among which are support for employee computers, networking, broadcasting, and many others.

As I understand it, the computer support for local units comes through Local Unit Support, not the GSC IT Support team (although GSC IT does support networking and broadcast functions in meetinghouses).