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Post by mevans »

johnsonth wrote: By the way, two big features are coming in the next release: A Regenerate Lesson Sequence button. We hope this will be a quick fix to the unintuitive interaction between events and classes. (2) Allow class instructors to edit their classes.
I read the help documentation update and I'm excited to see that you plan the next release to be around the first week of 2013!

I'm looking forward to the updates. I think the instructions are still a little misleading, as they don't address this:
failproof wrote: The problem here is that, there is no way to make auto population work correctly for those types of events/classes. The catch is that the event has to be created first and applied to the class at that time, so that when the class is created (which is the point that the auto populate happens, not when it is activated and not when the manual is added if you don't add it at time of class creation) then the events and lessons will all be in place as desired, with no lessons skipped. Since the only way to apply an event to a class before the class is created is to check the All option, this doesn't work for the events you are talking about. You will, unfortunately have to edit most, if not all weeks for those classes, no matter what you do right now.
However, if a new release is coming in another week or so, it's probably not worth clarifying this in the current documentation.

It will be good that instructors can edit their own classes. The difficulty will arise in that we don't have multi-instructor support yet.
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7.Select the classes affected by the event. (If you removed all the classes, you will not see any classes here.)

This is the catch-22. A. If the class already exists, it will show up in the list of classes in the event, but its lesson will be replaced. B. If the class does not already exist, it does not show up in the event list. For example, Ward conference event on January 20, Adult Sunday School is not taught. If the class does not exist (according to your instructions, add Events and then add Classes to initiate autofill) then Sunday School does not appear on the Event list. After adding the class, and checking to see how it fared on Ward conference day, OF COURSE its calendar shows the next chapter in the sequence on the 20th Jan and no hint of Ward Conference, because it was not present in the first place. Catch-22. I can't get there from here.

I expect the upgrade in 2013 will address this issue?
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I am a brand new website administrator.

Lesson Schedule was already half-way populated with lessons before I "took over." However I did have to add High Priests. The lessons did indeed populate with the J. F. Smith lessons.
A day later I added 2 events: General Conference and Stake Conference. No problems.

But then I tried to add Relief Society. The lessons did *not* populate. Each Sunday merely says, "New Lesson." What do I need to do to fix the problem, so that the lessons will populate (I hope I'm using the right terminology).

I still like phones. Please phone me, Jerry, at 801-888-5954 and tell me how to fix my problem.
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gsgiauque wrote:The lessons did *not* populate. Each Sunday merely says, "New Lesson."
Just to be certain, "Relief Society" was selected for "Priesthood or Auxiliary", then "Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith" was selected for "Manual and Lesson Material", then the class was saved; then "View Year" was clicked for the lesson and all the lessons showed "New Lesson", is that correct?

In testing, the only way I could replicate the display of "New Lesson" for each lesson was to not select a manual or lesson material for the class before saving the class. Even when I did that and then went back to edit the class, add the manual, and then save it, the lessons were populated for the manual after the "Insert missing lessons" was clicked.

Note that whenever a manual or lesson material is changed for a class that a message pops up stating:
You have changed the manual assignment for this class. Please note that chapter assignments for this class' individual lessons will not be updated. If you wish to update the lesson chapter assignments to correspond to the new manual, you will need to use the "insert missing lessons" feature, or edit each lesson manually.
So my recommendation is to edit the class by clicking the pencil on paper icon to the left of the class title on the Administration page. Make sure the manual "Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith" is selected in the "Manual and Lesson Material" drop-down list box and save the class. Then click "View Year" for the class on the Administration page. The lessons will appear as they did before. Now click the "Insert missing lessons" link below the menu line and just after the sentence "Some lessons may be missing due to newly created events." The lessons should all then appear properly.
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