Map search by meeting time & expand "near-by"

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Map search by meeting time & expand "near-by"


Post by randanunn »

I often need to attend a 9:00 ward rather than my regular 1:00 ward. Using the maps to find a place to meet is nearly impossible because the "near-by" search only shows you the 3 closest meeting houses. Then you have to click on each one to see if a ward meets at 9:00. Then you just keep changing the address or moving the pin around hoping to come across a ward that meets at the time you need.

It would be nice if you could set your location and the meeting time you are looking for so that on days when you need to attend earlier or later you can find a place to attend.

Also, "near-by" only shows you 2-3 meetinghouses near by. It would be helpful if the user could set their own mile radius for the near-by option. That way if I wanted to find a 9:00 meeting anywhere in a five mile radius, I could do so without having to continuously move the pin from location to location.
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Re: Map search by meeting time & expand "near-by"


Post by aebrown »

If you choose the Layers icon and select "Meetinghouses" then you will see all the meetinghouses in the map window. By zooming in and out you can effectively control the radius of your search. Then you can click on any of the meetinghouse icons to see the wards that meet there and their starting times.

So at least that part of the capability you're asking for does exist, just not the way the Nearby search works by default.

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