2013 updates?

Discussions around the WebOS (Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Touchpad) versions of the Gospel Library application.
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2013 updates?


Post by eense »

Is there any way to get the new President manual and confrerence issues on the Touchpad?
I have installed GL Library and get nothing beyond july 2012. Have uninstalled it and reinstalled but still no new material.
I know this is done by volenteers but as everyone left for other platforms? and no one is updateding Webos?
Thanks for any help
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Re: 2013 updates?


Post by allrobco »

how do I get 2013 for the touchpad?

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Re: 2013 updates?


Post by Malebaron »

Here is a FAQ's page you can look at, although it may be a year old. http://tech.lds.org/wiki/Gospel_Library_support_-_webOS. It does list an email address you can use to contact the Church developers of webOS: gospellibrary-webos@ldschurch.org.
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Re: 2013 updates?


Post by Osborn »

There is still no updates for 2013 and there is no update for the new scripture format. There will probably never be an update which makes me said and possibly the last push for me to switch to Android.

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