Hovering over online Calendar entry.

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Hovering over online Calendar entry.


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I'm probably not much different than other wards or branches. Our Sunday's get packed with information, announcements, lessons, etc. and consequently I end up with the calendar displaying all it can and then, at the bottom of a particular Sunday, it will say +3 more or +2 more, etc. That's ok except, when I click on the +3 more or whatever is there, it brings up a bar-scroll list and the hover-over attribute doesn't work in this mode. I count on this working as I am listing lesson titles within these entries and they don't come up in the "additional entries" mode. Can this be fixed?
Also, there's an edit quirk that I'd like to see get fixed as we all do a lot of editing after we insert a series. if I edit an entry that is part of a series, only that one entry, my "occurs ever weeks on" is always set to zero and I have to go over and change it to a one before I can save the edit. I'd like to see any entry in an series be a one where it says "occurs ever weeks on". It is annoying and not pertinent to a simple text edit to have to tweek the repeating function.
Also, can we please add a new feature? That is, with regard to Repeating, one that will allow me to insert a series that populates the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of every month? This would be most helpful when inserting a series to cover the SSchool 2nd and 3rd Sunday lessons. We need a function that recognizes particular Sundays like the 1st Sunday of every month. Running a series with the tools we have now only allows us a specific date or a specific number of times an entry will be made which isn't effective because of the 4 months that have 5 Sundays. Anything past that point is wrong. Enabling the software to recognize 1st Sunday, 2nd Sunday, 3rd Sunday, 4th Sunday, and 5th Sunday will greatly enhance the user experience and take away the drudgery of editing over and over.
Also, when I edit a particular entry in a particular calendar day, do not have the software completely refresh my entire screen. This takes forever. If I hover over an entry, why not pop up a smile window right there that lets me type my changes into? I'm referring to the Event title and the Description of that event. That would make more sense than completely refreshing the screen every time and entering an edit mode. Let me edit right there in the main window without changing screens.

Thanks!!! Great Tool

Ron Lines
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