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Re: Leader Resources on LDS Tools for Android


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With regard leader resources withing the Mobile LDStools app: Having been in other leadership positions with full access to all data , It was so beneficial to my calling. I've now moved to the HP group leader, and the data I can see is so limited. some of my group have requested their data remain private, some have not made any privacy request (and our default is private) so to see the members of my HP group..I can't use the tool. If I logon LDS.ORG under LCR section , and select my calling as the HP group leader then I gain access to all the data to enable me to find and minster.....But when you are out doing random visits, and feel to visit a family....I can't find their address in LDStools....

Is there a "default" calling which LDStools to identify what data you have access to ?
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Re: Leader Resources on LDS Tools for Android


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Kerryhaxton wrote:Is there a "default" calling which LDStools to identify what data you have access to ?
I do not think there is a "default" calling, and I have noticed that LDS Tools usually displays the same information that is available to me at LCR. I recently was released from a calling with lots of access, then called to a new calling with some additional access. As I synced regularly, It was interesting to watch how most information on LDS Tools disappeared with my release, and then part of it appeared again as my new calling worked through the system.

I believe you may have a more difficult problem because your default information level is Private. I am not sure how LDS Tools handles that situation. From what you say, it may be that the information you need is available in LCR, but LDS Tools may not have figured out yet how to protect it in LDS Tools, and so it is not yet available there. Because I live in an area where the default is the opposite, I do not notice that problem, if it is indeed the same problem you experience.
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Re: Leader Resources on LDS Tools for Android


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russellhltn wrote:
jdlessley wrote:Access permissions for membership information follow the guidance in the Handbook.
Which section? I think the question is that ward councils are all leaders, why is it only the Bishopric that can see everyone? I haven't seen why EQ and RS presidencies are not included.
If you can't get it on the mobile tool, use LCR or MLS, it's quick and simple to get lists of Deacons, Teachers, Priests, Elders, High Priests. If you can't get it yourself ask the Bishop for the lists. Then go about your ministry.
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