WiFi down again

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Re: WiFi down again


Post by danpass »

gbekmezian wrote:I wanted to take a moment and provide a quick update to the community. We have made a number of configuration changes to the wireless infrastructure and have decreased DHCP lease times to 30 minutes. We are optimistic the changes we made will alleviate a majority of the issues experienced over the past two Sundays. Additionally, we are keeping a much closer eye on client and AP counts and will respond immediately upon any indication of a problem.
The vendor is actively engaged and all escalations have been put in place proactively to ensure the shortest possible root cause identification and subsequent resolution.
Thank you for your efforts and the efforts of those who worked with you to resolve these issues. Today, in our case at least, the WiFi worked perfectly, in sharp contrast to our experience of the last two Sundays.
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Re: WiFi down again


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Apparently a lot of members got new iPads and Androids for Christmas. Big spike in wireless usage right after the new year. Just some growing pains.
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Re: WiFi down again


Post by michaelfish »

The Gilbert Greenfield Stake held 2 Ward Conferences yesterday and experienced no WiFi disruptions. I did however, answer a lot of questions regarding why the past two weeks were problematic.

Thank you for working diligently on this. I hope the issue has been resolved.
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Re: WiFi down again


Post by gbekmezian »

Thanks for the feedback on the forum. It's nice to hear at-least some of you noticed a difference.
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Re: WiFi down again


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gbekmezian wrote:Thanks for the feedback on the forum. It's nice to hear at-least some of you noticed a difference.
As a guy who's day job is tech support - no news is good news. :)
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "site:churchofjesuschrist.org/help" to the search criteria.

So we can better help you, please edit your Profile to include your general location.
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Re: WiFi down again


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We also did not experience the issues of the last two weeks. Thank you for your efforts to correct the issue.
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Re: WiFi down again


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I downloaded and installed angryIP.

Unfortunately, and this may depend on what site I downloaded from, I found myself with a new toolbar and home page for funmoods.

http://virus-experts.com/remove-funmood ... r-browsers
for removal information.
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