Feature Request: Meetinghouse News

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Feature Request: Meetinghouse News


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Besides Ward and Stake news, I'd like a category for meetinghouse news. I can't use the Stake newsletter for this because we have a unit in our building from another stake. I imagine this would function much like the calendar, where any units who are set up in the building would have access to the meetinghouse news. It would be great if it fed off the same data as the calendar (FMAT, but I think the Calendar allows stakes to include another unit even if it's not in the FMAT database). Let's not make multiple data sources for this. As multiple buildings may be available to me, I would need to select which building's news I want to see.

I've started creating articles that are just posted for my ward, but I realize they are useful to any unit in our building. I've started with articles like how to use equipment in the building. I might add things like a building map showing all the classrooms and numbers, etc. I've uploaded PDFs of the manuals for some equipment, such as televisions, etc.

As I think about this, it might also be interesting to have things like Temple and Mission news, where I can see messages from my assigned temple and mission.

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