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Ward calendar showing up on stake calendar

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:41 am
by kim7566
Every time I calendar something for my ward and room in the building I get a call from the stake calendar rep saying I've done it wrong and they erase it. I have all the calendars marked to be seen by ward. What is going wrong? My thought us they see it because we are using a building.

Re: Ward calendar showing up on stake calendar

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 6:06 am
by aebrown
According to the distributed scheduling model of the calendar, it certainly could be appropriate for you to schedule a shared building by creating an event on a ward calendar. But without more details, it's difficult for anyone here to make a judgment as to whether you are doing it correctly.

You're certainly right that the "stake calendar rep" would be able to see any event you create that uses any room in a building, but I don't know what you might be doing wrong.

The next time this happens (or perhaps even earlier), you might kindly ask that person to help you understand what is wrong. Are you scheduling the whole building when you should just schedule some specific rooms? Are you putting stake events on your ward calendar?

It could also be that your stake is using the old method of centralized stake scheduling, and they don't want any wards to do any building scheduling, but want all building requests to be funneled through one building scheduler. If so, that should be communicated clearly (and the stake can make a configuration change so that wards would not be able to schedule buildings at all, which would eliminate the confusion you have).