Online way to request visit teachers?

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Online way to request visit teachers?


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My neighbor, a "born again Christian" recently informed me, almost ashamedly, that her elderly mother is LDS. She said her mother has moved into a group assisted living home and would probably appreciate a visit from someone in that ward. She doesn't want to be bugged about the church so was hoping there was an anonymous way to go online and request some visiting teachers. Apparently she wasn't able to find a way through the official LDS website. The group home is not in my stake so all I could find was the name and phone# of the bishop. No email listed. Is there a way to do that or do you have to call the bishop personally?
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Re: Online way to request visit teachers?


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The only contact information for a ward that the Church has chosen to make public is the bishop's last name and phone number. So that is the way the Church wants you to contact him.

I'm sure that any bishop would welcome a call from anyone letting him know that a member has moved into his ward that he is not yet aware of. Thank you for your efforts to help him know about this elderly sister.
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