LCD mounting for classroom use.

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LCD mounting for classroom use.


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The new emphasis on video materials has prompted an update to the building TV inventory. The days of plopping a big CRT on an AV cart and holding it down with a strap are gone. The current wave of LCD displays all have gracefully thin necks holding thin displays that wobble horribly when observed on a rolling cart. The first picture shows what can happen. It is difficult to find any cost effective commercial solutions to this problem of making a LCD portable.
Two ideas are presented. The first is a LCD for an AV cart. The largest typical size that will fit on a normal AV cart is a 32 inch display. A stiff aluminum plate is attached to the LCD mounting points and screws are driven up into the mounting base. See the AV picture.
The second is a small classroom sized unit that can be carried into a classroom and stored on a shelf in the library. The pictured unit is a 24 inch TV/DVD combination. The base is 14x24 inches. A VGA and audio cable are attached to the unit. There are two handles on the base which encourage lifting the assembly along the center of gravity and not by the case itself. The total unit weighs about 18 pounds. Three units were made. See the two table top images.

At the same time the entire VHS collection has been replaced by DVD’s. The entire catalog of current DVD’s from distribution can be had for about $210. Spread between three wards, the bishops had an easy decision.
I apologize for the wierd photo layouts.
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Re: LCD mounting for classroom use.


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quintonrhq wrote:It is difficult to find any cost effective commercial solutions to this problem of making a LCD portable.
I don't know what you would consider cost effective or what would possibly be cost effective for others. But there are solutions available. The real problem for some units is who ends up paying for the solutions, FM or units/stakes.

For flat panel displays there are carts designed with either built in flat panel mounts or there are some that come with optional attachable mounts. Then there are companies that make mounts that can be attached to other manufacturer's audio-visual carts. Our ward has a cart for our 32 system that includes an optional mount for a flat panel monitor/TV. While it is a different brand it looks much like this one without the slide out accessory tray:
[attachment=0]AV Cart with Mount.jpg[/attachment]The DVD player is placed on the middle shelf. This type of cart can handle flat panels up to 52 inch. The one pictured cost $230 from an online retailer. Larger carts can handle larger flat panels.

FM provided padded polyester canvas carrying bags for the two smaller 23 monitors with built in DVD player even though the monitors and stands came with a top carry handle.

At least if FM cannot purchase the cart and mount or the carrying bags they have catalogs for these types of products or can find them. I don't know about prices but it is worth checking into.

I mention these other solutions not as a better idea but as another option. I have no idea what the cost was since they were provided by FM from their budget.
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