German LDS-Videos

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German LDS-Videos


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Hey Guys,

I'm not sure if I am in the right sub-forum, but I couldn't find a better place to post.
Thing is: as you might know, the youth now have a new sunday school curriculum that involves a lot of videos. The intended way to get these videos is from (e.g. "The Tender Mercies of the Lord"). The problem we have in our stake (and all the wards and the Stake Presidency keep bugging me about it) is that you can't get those videos on the german! And since they are not only aimed at the older youth who would understand english, but also at the 12-year-olds who hardly know any english, playing the videos in english is not an option.

Most of the videos, though, are available at least with german subtitles, but only from YouTube.

I've told them to just download the videos at home and play them using VLC, but they don't like that solution.

Any ideas?
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Re: German LDS-Videos


Post by aebrown »

dakkaron wrote:I've told them to just download the videos at home and play them using VLC, but they don't like that solution.
That's the best solution. Even for English videos, it's very risky to depend on the wireless network in the meetinghouse being able to deliver videos over the Internet with no buffering or other problems. So we emphasize the importance of downloading videos ahead of time. Besides, if some of those German videos are only on YouTube, you have to download them ahead of time, since YouTube is blocked by the meetinghouse firewall.

I'm not sure why your teachers wouldn't like that solution. Sure, it requires a bit of planning and preparation, but that's an essential element of all good teaching. If I'm teaching a class I want to eliminate as many unknowns as possible, and trying to play a video live off the Internet introduces more unknowns than I'm comfortable with.
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