What happened to printing instructor names?

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What happened to printing instructor names?


Post by mgottstein »

What happened to being able to print the instructor names? That was 50% of the benefit with this whole Lesson Page. Very disappointed I took the time to enter the instructor's names only to be unable to print them with the assigned lessons. What is the point? Or am I overlooking something?
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Re: What happened to printing instructor names?


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Reasonable people might disagree with your assessment that printing the instructor's name is 50% of the value of this page, but I do agree that it would be a helpful addition. I imagine it's a bit of a challenge to fit the whole schedule on one page if you also include the instructor name.

But just as there is an option to select if you want it to print on one page, it could be useful to have a checkbox for "Include instructor's name."
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Re: What happened to printing instructor names?


Post by mstauff »

You can still use the browser print to get a printout that includes instructor names. It will likely have formatting issues not found in the pdf (page breaks in the middle of a month, sometimes long titles cause alignment issues with the date, etc.), but it is still an option for those that want to use it.

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