Dell 740 Installatiion - Modem trouble?

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Dell 740 Installatiion - Modem trouble?

Postby PEPSIISPEP-p40 » Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:03 pm


I just finished installing a new Dell 740 in one of our wards, and after exhausting all ideas that HQ walked me through including:
-Temporary removal of firewall software
-Uninstall of MLS; removal of the additional files/folders
-Reinstall of MLS 2.8.3 and entry/verification of unit/system info
-Restore unit data

The symptoms are still that it tries to dial both of the numbers (it switches back and forth between the 2 numbers 3 times or so, then errors out.) -Also, the modem does not make any noise like it is trying to dial out - as if it's not even getting that far in the process. The phone line appear to be working fine, and is not connected through a fax machine or anyting. Under Windows system, it says modem is working properly

MLS support told me to try giving Dell tech support a call, as it appears to be a modem problem, although they said it was unlikely on a new machine.

MLS Support was very thorough in verifying all settings, sequence of installation steps/restore of MLS data etc., So I'm reasonably certain that it is not due to any of the common mistakes in this type of installation.

Before I call Dell, is there anyone out there that has experienced these symptoms and arrived at a solution?
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Postby russellhltn » Tue Jul 08, 2008 9:21 pm

PEPSIISPEP wrote:Also, the modem does not make any noise like it is trying to dial out - as if it's not even getting that far in the process.

How are you listening? It's not usual for the speaker to be off so you can't hear it dial. You might want to eavesdrop using a phone to see how far it gets.

You might try plugging in the phone into the modem just to be sure the dial-tone is making it all the way to the modem. (Never can tell when one of those cheap phone cords are going to die on you.)

You should be able to go into the Network setup and trigger the "MLS" dial-up. You don't have the login/password, but if I remember, it has to connect before it can tell you it's wrong.

Anything unusual on your phone line? Have to dial "9"? Pulse dial only? Have you tried dialing the number manually just to make sure a modem answers?

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