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Reporting Issues


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Official Reporting
The Tech Forum covers a wide range of technologies. When you encounter problems with a particular technology or want to make a suggestion, there is usually an official way to communicate your concern:
  • The official method for reporting issues on is the Feedback link.
  • Some mobile applications have an email address as the official reporting method.
  • Some technologies are supported via the Global Services Department or some other phone number.
  • Problems with Tech itself are reported in the Help with Tech forum.
  • And other technologies may have some other official way to report issues.
If you don't know the official way to report an issue, feel free to ask a question in the appropriate Forum section and some Forum participant will generally be able to steer you in the right direction.

Discussing Problems on the Forum
We certainly welcome discussion of issues on the Forum. That provides several benefits:
  • You can help others to become aware of the issue;
  • Another Forum participant may be able to answer your question quickly (perhaps it is not really a problem at all, or there is a known solution or workaround);
  • The discussion (and perhaps a solution) will be stored in a way that future users can find and benefit from;
  • As various participants contribute to the discussion, the issue can be more accurately identified (contributing factors, environment, related issues, etc.), which will help other readers of the discussion, including Church employees and others who may be able to address the issue.
Escalating Forum Issues
Regarding that last point, please note that the Forum is not the official way to report issues, and there is no guarantee that a Church employee will see any particular discussion.

However, when an issue affects many people or seems particularly critical, the Forum moderators and admins have a way to escalate the issue to certain Church employees. We will not use that mechanism as a way to regularly pass on issues raised in the Forum; it is reserved for critical issues. But in those rare but important cases it does allow us to escalate issues more quickly than the official reporting mechanism may allow.

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