Organizational Flowcharts of Who is Serving in Which Calling

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Organizational Flowcharts of Who is Serving in Which Calling


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These thoughts are also posted, along with visual examples of what the final product might look like. It may be easier to read them at the following link. ... urage.html

Once upon a time, I was called to serve as a Relief Society President. I was new to the ward, didn't know many names yet and definitely had little/no awareness of who was serving in what callings. Here are a couple of things that would have been very helpful to have and which may easily sync with MLS calling information.

Ward Council Members - Visual Graphic Organizer With Names
Now with LDS tools, we basically have all of this info... but I still think that it would be pretty cool to have a graphic organizer of it with names & pictures on it.

Relief Society Calling Flow Chart With Names:
A flowchart with the names of the sister serving in each area. Printing it off and giving it to all of the Relief Society sisters serving on our ward's Relief Society Board would help sisters collaborate and network outside of board meetings. It could also decrease the number of questions coming to presidency members. Instead of asking the presidency members, board members could use the chart to identify who specifically on the board may work most closely with the committee they need to communicate with.
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Re: Organizational Flowcharts of Who is Serving in Which Cal


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ParrishAli, I very much like your idea. I served for a while in the bishopric of a small ward (small enough to be a branch) and the bishop and I created a chart very much like yours. We did it in an effort to make sure that we were meeting needs and staffing the ward as best we could. We also used the chart to consolidate responsibilities by preventing superfluous assignments etc. Anyway, good post.

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