Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?

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Re: Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?


Post by russellhltn »

aebrown wrote:Given the limited development resources of the Church, and the many pending projects of considerably higher priority, it's my personal opinion that such apps will never be built by the Church. But even if they were, it would be well into the future.
Depends on if TPTB see it as a missionary opportunity.
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Re: Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?


Post by aebrown »

RossEvans wrote:The link at the top of this thread still says the app for the Samsung TV is "coming."
True. I probably shouldn't be so pessimistic, but it's been almost a year since that was posted, and there has been no update. That makes me think that other projects have a higher priority, or that there is some delay in the approval process, perhaps because this is part of a larger strategy.

I suppose the priority of such development could be greatly increased if the Church were to standardize on an A/V strategy for meetinghouses that included Samsung and/or LG smart TVs. In that case, it could make great financial sense to take advantage of those app capabilities.
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Re: Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?


Post by ErwinMiller »

We recently purchased a Samsung 8550 TV. We are very excited about an app to allow us to receive the Mormon Channel, conference & etc. I would also like to know about receiving real-time KBYU. Is there an app for that? If no app, what technology do we need to add to the TV system to get it?

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Re: Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?


Post by JamesAnderson »

KBYU is an older, over the air station in Salt Lake, it's a PBS affiliate, so it's not likely to go to a national platform like smart device apps or TV platforms outside Utah.

BYUtv however, is another matter, it was designed from the beginning to be national and even worldwide (they do swap out some programming in other countries though).

Since this thread began, Roku has mushroomed into a user base of well over 10 million, Chromecast was released and is now a very close second and may well take over the top spot. BYUtv announced on the day of this particular post that they were now on another fast-growing platform, Amazon Fire TV and stick. BYUtv has been working with other providers such as XBox, etc., and are every so often announcing another addition to the lineup of devices that have it as an app.

Mormon Channel right now is only on the web, smartphones and tablets, and maybe one ohter matter, but it's needed anywhere and everywhere we can get it on to. The market for devices and operating systems is fragmented enough taht unlike over the air TV and cable/satellite TV, everything has its own ecosystem and you need to have a channel or aggregation on each individual platform for anyone to get it, and the only way to find content now for most devices is Youtube, but who knows about Mormon Channel anyway for the most part? The more its out there the more it will pique interest, they've seen it happen with what little they are on right now, even though those few platforms are the largest, it by no means is reaching to where all possible users are yet even among the biggest devices and platforms.
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Re: Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?


Post by michelutti »

There is no news on this. Html5 continue to be not supported: ... s?lang=eng so we need to patiently wait for the app. I continue to watch lds conference via browser (on in my LG smart TV since webOS calls flash even on the LG YouTube app.
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Re: Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?


Post by paulw »

I don't own a smart tv, but I've picked up a Roku, Chromecast, and (Amazon's) Fire TV stick over the past few months. The Fire TV doesn't have Mormon Channel either. I've tried to fix that for the most part by collating videos from the church and making them available, whether through a Roku channel, Fire TV app, or even an HTML5 web application.

The Fire TV app is already in the Amazon app store but it's limited to Fire TV devices at the moment. I'm working on getting it "touch" enabled to work on any android device. It's essentially a glorified wrapper for the web application.

The web application itself mirrors the downloadable videos from as well as content used by the Church's Gospel Library app. I'm in the process of adding new features such as the Mormon Channel's streaming radio channels. If you think this may work for you on your smart TVs give it a try and let me know how it works.

You can access the web app at
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Re: Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?


Post by SisterAmbrose »

Still waiting for the Mormon Channel and BYUtv on my Samsung Smart tv. Sad Face.
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Re: Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?


Post by sbradshaw »

paulw, looks like a great project!
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Re: Mormon Channel on Samsung/LG Smart TV's?


Post by trekelectronics »

Good to hear about the channel.
Great news.
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