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Bugs Report


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How about creating a simple "Report Bugs" menu item?
For example:
You submitted a Question on February 19, 2013 at 11:46 PM:
Why does the "Send a Message" system change quote marks (") to this “Login” ??? Should read, "Login" Bishop Cluff
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Re: Bugs Report


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hapcluff wrote:How about creating a simple "Report Bugs" menu item?
Since you posted this in the very general "Ideas & Suggestions" forum section, it's not clear to me where you are proposing that this would be added. It sounds like you might be talking about Leader and Clerk Resources (in which case it would have been better to have posted in the Leader & Clerk Resources forum section).

But I doubt that such a menu item would be added. The capability already exists:
  • You can always use the Do You Have Feedback on this Page link on LDS.org to report issues (I know that link doesn't appear on Leader Resources, which is unfortunate, but you can still use that link)
  • You can discuss issues here on the LDSTech Forum, and you could very well get your question answered more quickly and directly.
hapcluff wrote:Why does the "Send a Message" system change quote marks (") to this “Login” ??? Should read, "Login"
This is clearly a case where you did a copy and paste from a word processor or some other system that had changed simple quote marks into "smart quotes," which are entirely different characters. The Send a Message system doesn't seem to support them well. If you simply type in a quote mark, it should work fine.

However, that problem with smart quotes is an indication that non-Latin characters would certainly have a similar problem. I did a quick test with some Russian characters, and none of them came through the mail system intact (although German non-ASCII characters worked fine). So there is definitely a bug here.

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