I'd love to choose which markings show when I read

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I'd love to choose which markings show when I read


Post by mevans »

I'd like it if the study bar were enhanced to let me choose a notebook (or notebooks) whose markings I want to see when I study the scriptures. I could turn them all off or all on or select one or more notebooks whose markings I want to see.

I'm starting to find that sometimes my markings conflict. I've already marked one passage and come back to it later and it means something different and I put it in a different notebook with different comments (and the boundaries of the marking might be slightly different).

I know there are some people on this forum who have much more marked online than I do. I'm wondering if others find this would be helpful to them, too?
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Re: I'd love to choose which markings show when I read


Post by laraleepn »

I'd also like the ability to choose which notes or bookmarks I see. If I'm going to be working on a big study project that will involve highlighting and tagging hundreds of scriptures, I don't necessarily want to see them when I'm participating in a gospel class or reading the scriptures associated with a lesson.

It would also be nice to be able to mark scriptures differently as mentioned. They would be treated as overlays or transparencies where you could choose which ones to show based on your current needs.

A show all, show selected sort of option - also to be available in the phone and tablet versions of the Gospel library
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Re: I'd love to choose which markings show when I read


Post by sbradshaw »

This is a good suggestion – I'd recommend sending it as a feature request under Settings > Send Feedback in Gospel Library. The ability to have various "sets" of annotations would be handy.
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