Financial Clerk Training - Audit Question

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Re: Financial Clerk Training - Audit Question


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I had access to LUFAS when I was a member of the stake audit committee, but my ward was moved to another stake, so I lost that access. When I was stake clerk, I would download a PDF of the audit questions, and send it to all clerks and bishops in the stake. But now I am flying blind. I don't know what the audit questions will be until the auditor walks in the door.
When I was on the stake audit committee, I strongly encouraged all clerks in the stake to perform a self-audit a couple weeks before the real audit. As a ward clerk, I always audit my own records before the auditor arrives. Doing so allows the clerk to fix 99% of possible audit exceptions. But when the clerk doesn't know the audit questions until the day of the audit, there is only so much he can do to help himself.
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