My adventure staging new 7010s

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My adventure staging new 7010s


Post by aclawson »

Swapped out two old 740s running XP for two new 7010s running 7 Professional (32 bit) and some Dell 1913b monitors.

Unboxed them and found that they came with VGA cables and a pair of cables that run display port/DVI, and DVI/DVI.

I opened up the instructions found here: ... r?lang=eng

(I created a directory I called MLS on the thumb drive just for convenience)

1a. Logged into MLS and ran a backup (saving it into the \MLS\ folder on the USB drive)

1b. Moved the dozens of files/folders from the desktop into \My Documents\ and deleted all of the shortcuts (which wouldn't work on the new system)

1c. Copied C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\LDS Church (the entire directory) onto the thumb drive (into the \MLS\ directory above, again, just for convenience)

2b. Was not prompted.

2h-i-j. Not prompted.

3. N/A

4b. Not prompted.

4d. Bing not installed.

So at this point I did the following:

* Set the time zone and did a time sync to the internet.

* Opened MSIE (which came loaded as version 8) and ignored the prompts to update. Set the default page to

* Downloaded Chrome and installed.

* Set Chrome to the default browser and set the homepage to

* Visited and updated the machine's java engine.

* Ran Windows Update which is apparently pulling from a church-specific source and loads the TEM hook. I'm guessing that TEM will take care of all of the many, many, many missing updates and patches that Windows 7 should have.

* Visited and downloaded the following applications: (some aren't downloaded from but come from their own servers)

. Sophos
. Adobe Reader (version XI for anybody watching)
. Adobe Flash (needed for MSIE as it comes native in Chrome)
. Picasa
. LibreOffice 4

I also prefer pdfRedirect by far over the cutePDF app recommended for all kinds of reasons. Download the free version from ("Completely Free: even for commercial use.") - easiest pdf driver I've ever used. Ask if you want details.

Ran everything, more or less without event though the Sophos install took 15-20 minutes to download all of the components and whatnot. Reboot (more than once, actually).

* Copied all of the files from the flash drive onto the new machine. Left a shortcut to the MLS training website on the desktop.

* Run the MLS installer but did NOT run MLS yet.

* Copied the \LDS Church\ folder into c:\ProgramData\ on the new machine.

* NOW I opened MLS.

* Restored the data from the backup file on the USB drive. It ran fine on one machine, threw a generic, fatal error on the other.

* On the failing machine I went into the ProgramData\LDS Church folder and dug through until I found the data directory under the unit-specific folder (I don't have the full path at my fingertips right now) and renamed that one folder to data_old. I re-ran MLS and it acted as a new installation but kept the security token from the old unit. Once in MLS I restored the backup file again and this time it loaded without error.

* MLS send/receive. No problems.

* Since I had placed the PCs with the CPUs vertically and expect the clerks at some point to put them flat I taped a warning note to the top of the machine to make sure that if/when they do they won't place the monitor is such a way that it blocks the vent holes which are oddly enough on the top of the CPU box.

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Re: My adventure staging new 7010s


Post by russellhltn »

aclawson wrote:* Visited and updated the machine's java engine.
Personally, I'd uninstall it, unless it's needed by LibreOffice 4.

MLS installs it's own copy of Java. Java has become a security nightmare with two zero-day exploits in a short about of time. Homeland security recommends uninstalling it.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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