Jumpstarting iPad Gospel Library while traveling

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Jumpstarting iPad Gospel Library while traveling


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I have been running test and released versions of Gospel Library. It worked through Sunday night. As of Monday evening, it doesn't work... it shows the splash screen and exits. Rebooting the iPad doesn't help.

I flew out of town Monday to take care of my father for a week. The iPad synchs to a Mac Mini Server which is of course at home. (I do have a Macbook Pro with me, but the content is on the Mac Mini.)

My guess is that I can get Gospel Library going again by deleting the app and then downloading it again. My impression is that this will lose my place in the seven items that I have open, and that this will also lose a bunch of markings and annotations (I checked online and see that things must not have synchronized for a few weeks).

Is there a known way of getting Gospel Library to run again without deleting it? Could not find a post on this topic.
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