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Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:09 pm
by tezra
Dear Techie Brothers and Sisters,
I've done our ward conference 3 times and even put most of the work on a google doc so not to lose all my information that I've written. Even though I have all my images (copyright free and pictures from I'm so frustrated that the site won't REALLY save. I've saved it each time and bingo all of it is gone when I go back in to check it. We need a save as we go along.

Also, the information and pictures needs to have the center option and it would be a great help if the pictures could be automatically re-sized to fit the in the newsletter. There's not a note to say, "file is too large" BTW if a file is too large anyone would hit insert again for fetch the file again. Did you know it opens another window? I've done that with 15 browser windows open and it will crash the browser. There needs to be a pop-up note of some kind so we don't repeat that try.

This has taken me all week and I want to just stop until at least the saving option is added. I'm so sad I've loss all my work. I appreciate the chance to do this, but I work on this all the time with tweets, the website, and the calendar. Please make this part easier. Thank you so much for what you've already accomplished, I know this is beta and I appreciate every bit of work all of you have done. Warm Wishes, tezra