No dependents in custom reports

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No dependents in custom reports


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Is there a way to show couples with no dependents in custom reports in MLS?

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hugh wrote:Is there a way to show couples with no dependents in custom reports in MLS?

There is no way to do that directly in custom reports. There is no field that can be used in a criterion that would have anything to do with children.

However, one thing that might help get you close is to go to Household Reports and sort by the (number of) Members column. You can eliminate right off any families with three or more members. Of course some of the households with 2 members could be a single parent with a child, so you would have to do some additional filtering. I know it's not a great solution, but maybe it will help a bit.
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If you feel up to a little programming, this could be done with the export file Membership.csv loaded into an external database program such as MS Access or the program called base that is installed with Open Office. Conceptually, it would not be hard to construct such a query in any basic relational system.
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