Stake's Clerk - Missed Calling! ERROR!

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Stake's Clerk - Missed Calling! ERROR!


Post by marranzino »

A week ago (almost two weeks), with the latest update of MLS, a problem arose with this system since the call to "Stake's Clerk" or "Secretary of Stake" does not appear, so it is deleted also my access as Secretary to LDS Tools,, etc..

For this reason I can not reload my call. I want to clarify that it is not my name was cleared in the appeal or faded full charge, it is in the list of callings where it disappeared "Stake's Clerk" calling.

Thank you very much for your time and help.
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Re: Stake's Clerk - Missed Calling! ERROR!


Post by aebrown »

I don't know why the calling of stake clerk may have disappeared for you, but the way to fix it is in stake MLS: Make sure you go to the Leader and Unit Change Request section of stake MLS (not the regular Organizations section where you make most other changes to callings). In the LUCR section, you'll see a tab for "Stake Clerk" and that is where you should make sure that your name appears.
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