MLS Tip of the Week is Great, pass it on...

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MLS Tip of the Week is Great, pass it on...

Postby atticusewig » Tue Feb 06, 2007 9:15 am

Bringing back the MLS Tip of the Week is great.

One thing I noticed recently, is that the two most recent "Tip of the Week" s
we received related exactly with something we had made a mistake on.

Does that mean that there is a pool of "Tip of the Weeks" s, and if there
is a mistake made, the appropriate one is sent out - otherwise it is random ?

Or does it mean we are just making mistakes in line with what is being
sent out ?

In either event the return of the MLS "Tip of the Week" is quite a welcome sight.
Please pass along to the developers, how much it is appreciated.

- Atticus Ewig

P.S. One thing I did notice though is that MLS Help (i.e. pressing F1), lists one way
to deal with lost checks, and the Tip of the Week list an exact opposite thing to do.
I don't know if this is a recent policy change, but it might be something to be addressed
the next time the MLS Help file is patched.

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