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Re: ONLINE - Church Meetings Programme Tool


Post by sbradshaw »

msierra stated clearly that no contact information is stored in the application, neither is their membership record number, ordinances information, etc...
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Re: ONLINE - Church Meetings Programme Tool


Post by russellhltn »

Yes, but it's still uploading data from MLS. That makes it questionable. The policies we've been given doesn't say it's OK if it's only names. It only says "don't".
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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Re: ONLINE - Church Meetings Programme Tool


Post by msierra »

Firstly thanks for the feedback.

The upload of (mainly names & gender) information from MLS is OPTIONAL. It is used by several fields to create a select list when you're looking for invocation or speakers. The APP should work without it but it is very convenient for us when looking for their fullname as we prepare our programme as we just need to type in a few letters and select them from the list.

I understand the hesitation about privacy cause I question it too while looking for a server out there.

I actually have been pondering about this for a while and one day while in the temple, everything just been shown to me, page by page and what I should do. I created it first in apex server and I know that I can't violate their condition of "testing only purposes" so I started to look for a server out there when it was ready to be released.

I found only a few with APEX techology and most of them cost too much for my pocket. I prayed and inquired again if I should go ahead with this server/project and so far the feelings I have is good.

But please do comment/recommend if there are any other known server out there that can host this application as this is my first time to use APEX in the internet. I do take all counsels/directions from our leaders seriously.

I hope I'm not breaking any church rules here as my purpose is only to assist our Bishoprics in record keeping and creation of programmes.
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